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                     HOUSING AND FINANCE


From 2009 until August, 2010 Peter Swire was Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, serving in the National Economic Council under Lawrence Summers. In that role, he was White House coordinator for the administration’s inter-agency housing and housing finance policy. He chaired the White House Working Group on foreclosures and asset disposition. Among other housing topics, Swire was deeply involved in the reform process for government sponsored enterprises, the HAMP mortgage modification program, and Federal Housing Administration issues. For a period, he was also the lead person at the NEC on technology issues, including broadband and net neutrality.

Swire has now returned to his position as the C. William O’Neill Professor of Law at the Ohio State University. Prior to his service in the National Economic Council, Swire’s numerous professional activities included: the Obama-Biden Transition: Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress; and Chief Counselor for Privacy, in the U.S Office of Management and Budget, under President Clinton. Before entering law teaching in 1990, Swire worked on housing and financial services issues at Powell, Goldstein, Frazer & Murphy on the savings and loan crisis. He clerked for Judge Ralph K. Winter, Jr., on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. He is a graduate of Princeton and the Yale Law School, and studied at the Universite Libre de Bruxelles on a Rotary Foundation Scholarship.

Some Swire press appearances on housing and finance:

10/21/2010, National Public Media, "Who should sign off on the foreclosure mess?"

10/20/2010, American Banker, "Sarbanes-Oxley May Expose Bank Execs to Suits in Foreclosure Doc Mess" (Subscription Required).

10/20/2010, Financial Times, "Foreclosure pressure on banks grows" (Registration Required).

10/20/2010, Wall Street Journal, "A Proposal To Ease the Foreclosure Mess" (Registration Required).

10/12/2010, Associated Press, "States set to unveil joint probe into foreclosures."

10/12/2010, Wall Street Journal, "Document Questions Cloud Recovery" (Registration Required).




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